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What Is Collagen? Here's What You Can Get From This Amazing Ingredient

Posted by Triple Naturals I On May 06, 2020
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You may have heard of collagen used as a component for skincare products or as supplements, but what is it on a deeper level?

Collagen is a protein that holds together the body’s tissues and can be found everywhere in our organism—like in our heart, bones, hair, and tendons. It’s also known to help achieve supple and firm skin as well as cell renewal. Because of this, it has been widely used as an integral ingredient for lots of skincare products.

As we age, we might notice that our hair becomes less shiny and the skin becomes baggier. This is because collagen production decelerates when we reach around 25 years old. This can worsen when one reaches the menopausal stage or are exposed to pollution, smoking, and UV rays. Things just become less elastic.

There are 16 types of collagen in total, and all of them help connective tissues survive after being stretched. Collagen also strengthens and shapes every structure in the body. Wound-healing also improves as collagen plays a major role in forming scars. Aside from these, there are other health benefits that we can get from this wonder element.


Oftentimes, you’ll notice the early onset of aging around the eyes. However, collagen may be able to help lessen deep lines around that erea. This is based on a study involving 114 women between the ages of 45 to 65 who took a collagen supplement for a period of eight weeks.

Researchers in Korea have found that middle-aged women felt an improvement in their skin’s elasticity after taking collagen supplements for four weeks. The said study also produced findings that indicate women aged 50 and up were able to improve their skin moisture levels.

Healthier Bones And Joints

A French experiment has revealed interesting results linking reduced risk of bone density loss with collagen supplement intake. This experiment suggests that collagen can keep your bones healthy. In another study, a daily dose of type I collagen resulted in reduced inflammation and pain as well as strengthened cartilages of those who have osteoarthritis.

Accelerated Healing

In a 2011 study conducted among people who underwent skin grafting, it was found out that wounds healed faster when collagen was applied. Recently, more medicines that promote collagen have been developed. It is said to enhance recovery after undergoing corneal surgery, shortening it to just two days.

Stronger Nails

For those who worry about brittle nails, then collagen may be the answer to your questions. In a minuscule study conducted among 25 people in 2017, it was found that those who took a collagen supplement recorded 42% less nail breakage.

Improved Skin Quality

A study conducted to gauge the effectiveness of Ovoderm on skin health revealed favorable results. Participants were given a 300 mg daily dosage for a 50-day duration. All of them said that their facial skin became softer, while 94% noticed that their skin is much more hydrated. Another research also revealed improved elasticity of the skin after maintaining collagen supplements for five weeks.

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